When You Came (Oh, oh, oh) / by E

       Before you guys continue an unnecessary argument in the comment sections, I think we should acknowledge the fact that this whole Flora Cash 'fiasco' has been blown out of proportion.
       Yes, Cole of Flora Cash did in fact carve his and Shpresa's names into Pompey's Pillar. Horrifying. I think he's the first person who has ever defaced a national monument. I mean, I've never seen name carvings at the Grand Canyon or Muir Woods or the Statue of Liberty, and internationally, people are so respectful that Neuschwanstein Castle, the remaining segments of the Berlin wall, and the Eiffel Tower would never be covered in other's etched names. 
       Cole did something without thinking it through, but he has issued a public apology and, not only is he paying for the explicit damages done unto the rock, but the band is also paying for the negative publicity and the loss of fans who have decided to take this insignificant and thoughtless action as a personal assault. It was stupid, it happened, but it's over now.
       Your opinions are valid, freedom of speech and all that jazz, but you are not going to come here and bully the artists who have sought out or supported this site.  
       While the possible readership loss of a few individuals who do not agree with my actions will be so detrimental that I cannot begin to fathom how I will carry on, it is not okay for you to try to shame one of my bands so, if you have an issue with this, don't follow the site, because the band's good, their music's great, and I am going to continue to support them, despite this one slight, and overly publicized, error in judgement of theirs.
"When You Came (oh, oh, oh)" Flora Cash
- E
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