Ten Dollars I Found/ Now / by E

       I'm still recovering from seeing Matt & Kim live because I have never been to a concert that amazing. I might pass up seeing Billy Joel live if it meant I could see Matt & Kim again; they are that good.
       I'm trying to write posts for other bands and songs (that are really good and deserve my full attention) and finish formatting interviews (from awesome artists) and I keep getting distracted by this damn catchy music that makes me so very happy (seriously, I don't know how I would have made it through last November without turning their music up to near deafening volumes). 
       Matt & Kim are going to get one more song post and then I'm totally done and I'm going to calm the fuck down and put some other music out there but when the entire stadium and lawn were filled with lights for "Ten Dollars I Found" it was kind of overly fuckmazing and that moment in "Now" before it drops and the chanting begins was filled with so much anticipation that the only person who was dancing harder than I was, was my friend; but she cried during "Ten Dollars I Found" so she's just super emotional. Although when they performed "It's Alright" it was the first time I've felt emotionally attached to a band since Lady Danville, so I would have probably qualified as emotional too. 
"Ten Dollars I Found" Matt & Kim
"Now" Matt & Kim
- E
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