What Now / by E

       Gemini Wired's recently released video highlights the issue of bullying and, while it only furthers my belief that kids are the absolute worst, it also points out the importance of just ignoring them, because it will all come back around and you'll be better on the other side.
       Lines like "I use it all for motivation... and if it sounded like I'm talking 'bout you, probably am, so don't be looking all surprised 'cause I don't give a damn, hater's I'm gone", "see everything you do comes back around and now you can't push me or back me down", and the repetition of "don't worry be happy" fading out to the end are just a few examples of how amazing the song is.
       Gemini Wired admits that she has been bullied in the past and explains that "bullying hurts, and it can make you severely depressed. I'm totally against bullying because nobody deserves to be made fun of, picked on, or beat up because of who they are. I know exactly how much more it can hurt mentally than it can physically...it's crucial to report it whenever we see it occur before it becomes worse". She then goes on to say that you should "go for whatever you believe in no matter how many times others may put you down or try to get in your way. We won't let them. There's more of us, than there are bullies. These bullies cannot beat us" before stating that the "video also represents the consequences for people hurting people and how it always goes back to karma. I want my video to inspire as many people as possible. There's kids that have so much to offer and don't know it because they want to hide their talents or intelligence. I don't want them to be ashamed anymore. I want them to know people like myself and all these organizations have their backs." 
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"What Now" Gemini Wired
- E
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