12/31 / by E

       I missed out on putting up your usual New Music Monday tracks but, with the new year just about here, these are the tracks released this year from some newer bands/artists that you need to check out, at least once, before heading into 2014. Some of these are on SoundCloud, so click on the titles to hear those tracks. 
"Turn It Around" Lucius Silent Rider remix
"Ayo" Projekt Rehab
"A Million Shining Colours" Simian Ghost
"Synesthesia" Chuckie Campbell
"Holy Infinity" GOVS
"Electric Ships" Love Like Hate
"Mercury" Slip On Stereo
"Hurricane" Katey Laurel
"2+2=5, You Suck" The Saving Pointe
"Freakin' Love" Flora Cash
"Make You Scream" Bobbie Morrone
"See the Sun" Dovetail
       Check back later because I'm going to work hard to get all of those end of the year lists put together for you guys, then I'll throw the song I always listen to before the new year up on the blog. 
- E
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