Around the World / by E

       Other countries made our playlists great this year by chiming in with the best singles and albums and, while there are countless great tracks out there, these are the ones you should be keeping in mind. 
"Mekong Delta" Eden Mulholland (Australia)
"Zero to Eleven" Julian Taylor Band (Canada)
"Take Yours, I'll Take Mine" Matthew Mole (South Africa)
"Master of Eden" Marcus Blacke (Australia)
"My Song 9" Nova Heart (China)
"Silent Revolution" My Excuse (Greece)
"Gang of Rhythm (Car Loop Version)" Walk Off the Earth (Canada)
"Spring" Sound the Ocean (New Zealand)
"Brand New Day" Kodaline (UK)
"Fortress" Dialekt (Australia)
"Shiver" Avec Sans (UK)
"Silhouettes" Kaitlin Riegel (New Zealand)
"Hold On" Glenn Aitken (New Zealand)
"Care" Hudson Taylor (UK)
"Pull Down the Moon" Cattle & Cane (UK)
"Runaway" The Melodic (UK)
"Electric Ships" Love Like Hate (Australia)
"Holy Infinity" GOVS (Australia)
"Lay Me Down" Benhur (Canada) 
       I'm positive that I'm missing a lot of great music, but check out these tracks for now and I'll find a way to feature other great songs at a later time. 
- E
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