Darlin' (Christmas Is Coming) / by E

       It's December 1st and the playlist at work still has not switched over to straight Christmas music (knock on wood. I'm in the middle of a six day stretch and if the next four days are filled with Christmas music I'm going to give up). This makes me ridiculously happy, but it doesn't mean that I can't shove Christmas music on to you guys.
       The song has really great lyrics and, as far as Christmas songs go, it's understated and just simple enough that I can stomach it this early in the year.
        Also, just some updates on the blog schedule: 
       New Music Monday will continue as normal; send in tracks you like because I haven't had time to go through emails since Monday and I have no clue what's in there. 
       Thursday's interview will either be the one that I did with some of the guys from Melodime or the one with Julian Taylor of Julian Taylor Band; you can let me know your preference. 
      SafetySuit Saturday should have alerted you to the fact that "On Your Side" will be released December 3, so watch for that on Tuesday, because it will, no doubt, be amazing.
"Darlin' (Christmas Is Coming)" Over the Rhine
- E
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