The Harry Potter Song / by E

       Sleeperstar's latest Facebook update is the best news I've gotten all weekend:
  3rd revision of #LostMachines and it's looking like it's finally finished. Album coming soon, EP & singles coming     even sooner!! Thank you all for your patience, for believing in us and for your unreal support. This album is easily     the best body of work any of us have gotten to be a part of and we're just so stoked to share it with you all
      I am so excited to hear the new songs. If you haven't heard of Sleeperstar, get their EP's and album from iTunes because the songs all have gorgeous compositions and awesome lyrics (definitely check out "Replay", "Texas Rain", "Milo" [it's short but worth it], "Love Again", "Disengage", "Wherever You Go", "Soon"; just buy all of their amazing music)
       The band did release "The Harry Potter" song in October which is fun and cute and, if you like the books, the song will be entertaining.
       I don't like to pick and choose favorite bands, but I really love all of Sleeperstar's music completely, so make sure to head to the sites below to support them and buy their music on iTunes or Amazon.
"The Harry Potter Song" Sleeperstar
- E
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