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       Last year this time, I was on my way to Germany and I already had my 'best of' lists finished and programmed to go up; this year, I haven't even begun to get them together and if everyone else has already done it, should I really bother chiming in? Anyways, music related news and such.

  • Bands continue to drop out of Orlando SeaWorld's Concert Series after the release of CNN's Blackfish documentary. Apparently, fans and artists needed someone else to point out to them that maybe the large mammals trapped in small circular concrete tanks probably weren't being kept in the best conditions.
  • YouTube came out with their "What Does 2013 Say" YouTube Rewind video. As far as the title goes, I get it; "What Does the Fox Say" was big. It was funny the first few listens, but then the Today show heard about it and things got super old super fast. Also, I really fucking hate "Blurred Lines"; how is this song even partially okay? The video itself is everything you would expect from a 2013 YouTube which has been working hard to turn itself into the online answer to MTV, a goal they're actually fairly close to achieving; their YouTube awards show actually had a fair number of viewers and even though the union of Google+ and YouTube is annoying to some users, it's forced people into a Google ruled world and made YouTube even stronger than competitors like Vimeo (who had previously looked like they could be on the rise).
  • Justin Bieber made a cruel joke about early retirement (why would you tease me like that?). His retirement would have been a great gift but, now at least, we won't lose a great source for jokes. Thanks Biebs for always being there to make people feel better about their bad decisions.
  • Jack Johnson released his video for "Shot Reverse Shot" off his latest album From Here To Now To You which was filmed with his phone and features pictures drawn by Johnson on whiteboards, windows, coffee cups, and tables and proves, yet again, that he will always be cooler and more talented than you. Get the new album now because the songs are, as always, filled with sunny melodies and harshly honest (i.e. fantastic) lyrics.
  • Palaye Royale is in a new Samsung Galaxy commercial and it's fantastic for so many reasons. It's cheesy, but the guys are cool enough to pull it off, there are so many wonderful colors shoved in there, the band mimics The Beatles famous Abbey Road cover (only with the inclusion of tablets), the song's fantastic and, best of all, the guys are getting the exposure and recognition they deserve for their amazing music. Buy The Ends Beginning EP and their other singles because you're guaranteed to like them.
  • We The Kings' Somewhere Somehow was released last week and you should add it to your iTunes library. These guys veer so close to the pop line they make an art form out of jumping back and hanging onto their alt-rock riffs by their fingertips while playing around with fresh pop beats and cute lyrics and their albums are always great.
  • Check out Burial's "Hiders" for something greatly hypnotic and get their EP Rival Dealer now. 
  • Beyoncé explained why she chose to create her visual album and, just as I was thinking that maybe it was time to get over it and move on to a new album to obsess over, this video proved that I just can't do that because Beyoncé is amazing and won't let me. Thanks for consuming my iPod, the internet, my life and just being completely fuckmazing Beyoncé; never change. Check out the video for Self-Titled: Part 1 because it will make you appreciate, and maybe even love, her music. 
  • After coming onto the scene late last year, London Grammar chose 2013 to completely fucking explode all over the musicsphere. Keep your eyes on these guys because they keep making gorgeously hypnotic albums and nothing they've put out since their first single "Hey Now" has been anything less than unobtrusive perfection. Check out their most recent video for "Nightcall" and get all of their music; right now ("Metal & Dust" is still my favorite, but the tracks are all so gorgeous and frisson inducing and now I'm stuck on their music again).
  • This video shows why country music had a rough year; basically they're unoriginal and seem to be stuck in the same old rut while everyone else continues to move forward.
  • Katey Laurel's "Hurricane" has so many remixes, but the SLEUTH one is probably my favorite. Check them all out by clicking the links on their names: ZiKBrian for President / ocellus LUCANUS
  • Music for Relief announced their Concert for the Philippines which will take place January 11 at Club Nokia in L.A. and will feature The Offspring, Bad Religion, and Linkin Park. Watch the video for more information.
      I'm ninety-five percent sure that I am forgetting something, but I'll include it on the blog later. Check back for a Christmas playlist or two. Watch Sam Pepper's "We Don't Give A Fuck" below because it's ridiculous and kind of great to dance and sing along to.
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