Climbing Walls / by E

       I mentioned that Strange Talk had released a music video for "Climbing Walls" in last week's bulleted list but it deserves more attention than a short mention because it's ridiculously addictive and I honestly don't know why I can't stop listening to the song. 
       There are two videos; the first was released towards the beginning of December as a lyric video featuring magnetic refrigerator letters and it's simple perfection.
       The second video was released last week and features dangerous driving in a red sports car, a very unnecessary and random shot of a clown mask, steam, and lingerie (that salt water and chlorine is going to be hell on her bra) and I honestly don't know what I'm talking about... What is the point of this video? 
       I love the song; it's fantastic. That beat is absolute perfection, those lyrics are fantastic because "taken for a ride now I'm reaching out to take control, I'm searching for the truth when I know that it won't lead the way" and "following a ghost in the distance of a brighter day, it's swimming in my mind now it's building like a tidal wave" are so articulate and you know you can relate to "I'm feeling like a fool in a cage, there's nothing left to say" "I keep trying to run away, from what you're saying", and that melody will be circling around your head for days (in a good way), so just listen to the song and enjoy it for it's complete awesomeness. 
- E
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