Runaway / by E

       The Melodic released their music video for "Runaway" (from their debut album Effra Parade) and it was just as unobtrusively brilliant as the song itself (meaning, it's not in your face, but it's fantastic and, before you know it, you're hitting repeat).
       That rhythm is perfectly steady and low-key and lyrics which include "turning my back on what I know", "how much diversion can a man desire, this excursion will lift me up and light a fire" and "I'm going to take my advice and leave these rainy days behind" slip seamlessly into a gorgeous composition whose melody won't leave your head (but you won't really mind because it's just so good).
       The band will be heading out on their North American tour in 2014 so check the links below to look up dates and get your tickets.
"Runaway" The Melodic
- E
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