Wake Me Up / by E

       I'm working on lists for you guys, but mine don't add up to other's, because I really think Tonight Alive is overrated (and their music puts such a strong emphasis on being misunderstood that I can't actually sit through the entire album), I'm never going to support Robin Thicke, and songs like Zedd's "Clarity" or Passenger's "Let Her Go",which were big this year, were in my playlist last year and overplayed and thoroughly memorized by January of 2013, so it's hard to think of it as something from 2013, rather than 2012's sleeper hits. Regardless, I might come up with a few things for you guys in reference to the albums/EPs you should get and the bands you need to know before we head into 2014. 
       This song is fantastic and catchy and I love it and we should never ever play it again once 2014 hits. It's a gorgeous mixture of sounds and the lyrics are great, but we should shove it wherever we put Swedish House Mafia's "Don't You Worry Child", because every catchy EDM track has an expiration date and this one is soon approaching.
"Wake Me Up" Avicii
- E
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