We Belonged/Turn It Around/The Optimist / by E

       I have a lot of cleaning to do before Tuesday so, as is to be expected, I am procrastinating. A lot. So, here's a sneak peek at what 2014 and the upcoming 'best of' lists for 2013 will hold (because I will always wait until the last week of the year to get those finished).
       If you missed Stoney's "We Belonged", you probably haven't cried at a music video yet this year; watch it below so that you can enjoy how tragically, beautifully, heart-breaking the song and video are. More Than Animals is set for a January 14 release and you're going to want to buy the entire album. Despite the sorrowful sound intrinsic in this gorgeous piece, the rest of the album seamlessly intertwines good, solid rock tracks with those that scream alternative rock and others that sound just as pure and sweet as this one; be ready to grab your copy in 2014 because this album is kind of perfect.
       Silent Rider's remix of Lucius' "Turn It Around" may be even better than the original and, after listening to more tracks from these guys (check out their SoundCloud here), I can't wait to write up more about the band in 2014.
       I think I'm most excited to see what City Rain is going to come out with in the new year, though. They have yet to come out with a track that doesn't have awesome lyrics with even better music and their latest forthcoming album, Songs for A High School Dance, is bound to be great. Check out tracks like the greatly hypnotic "Mama I Wanna Go Home", the fantastic "Join the Human Race" that should really have you more than ready for this new album to be released, and the ever popular "The Optimist".
- E
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