Walk You Home (Night Vision Binoculars) / by E

       It's an oldie, but a goodie. The beginning sucks you in with sweet verses like "I see you nearly everyday, I see you, but you don't see me. I wish I had something clever to say, and I wish I had something better I could be" and "I just wanna walk you home" but by the time he gets to "I see you nearly every night, I see you when you're down in your house. With my night vision binoculars, I creep quiet as a mouse" you realize that it's everything you never wanted to hear your stalker say. 
       Regardless, I maintain that it is one of Rosenberg's catchier songs and that, despite this year's amorance of "Let Her Go" and all the other amazing tracks that were featured on 2012's All the Little Lights (listen to "Keep On Walking", "I Hate", "Patient Love", and "Things That Stop You Dreaming" [actually, just listen to all of them]) any one who really wants to listen to some amazing music should head back to Passenger's debut Wicked Man's Rest and work their way through all the albums (I previously explained Mike Rosenberg's use of Passenger as his stage name but: Rosenberg was part of a British band called Passenger whom released their debut album in 2007 [Wicked Man's Rest] then the band broke up and Rosenberg, heading out as a solo act, kept the moniker for the next four albums [Wide Eyes Blind Love, Flight of the Crow, fan released Divers and Submarines and, everyone's favorite, All the Little Lights]).
       Check out "Walk You Home" for a track you should know before heading into the new year. 
"Walk You Home (Night Vision Binoculars)" Passenger
- E
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