Old School Japan / by E

       Flora Cash released the first single from their forthcoming debut full length album, Assemble the Journey, and it's gorgeous. 
       The lyrics are perfect ("I know that we'll be okay honey, even when the wind's on fire, I'll be there to take you higher"), a circling beat paves the way for a wonderfully winding melody, I cannot get over that slowly meandering piano melody that comes in at the bridge (truly amazing), and the entire composition, which is filled to the brim with pure folk influences, is perfection, but it's Cole and Shpresa's vocals which really stand out. Their rich vocals complement one another so satisfyingly well that the focal point of every one of their songs is on the vocals themselves, as those alone can fill out a track; their voices come together so seamlessly that you will never grow tired of listening to their music. 
       Support the band by getting this new track from iTunes and head to their sites (below) to find out more about the duo.
"Old School Japan" Flora Cash
- E
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