Best Day of My Life / by E

       I've been listening to American Authors' Oh, What A Life all day and it is fanfuckingtastic. We've only just started February and I can already say, with confidence, that it's going to be one of the best albums of 2014. 
        Pre-order Oh, What A Life, from iTunes now and receive downloads of "Believer", "Best Day of My Life", "Luck" (listen to this), "Hit It", and "Home"; they're all terrific. When the album's released, start listening to "Think About It", "Heart of Stone", "Love", and "Ghost" on repeat (I truly cannot emphasize how great this album is; the title track alone is worth your order ["Oh, What A Life" is pure perfection]). The compositions are great, the lyrics even better, and I'll have an album review up for you guys soon, so pre-order the album and start falling for a few of the songs now.
"Best Day of My Life" American Authors
- E
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