Ready Set Go / by E

       Royal Tailor set a new precedent for the Christian pop rock genre with their self titled sophomore album and their latest single, "Ready Set Go" (featuring Capital Kings), shows off their fun mix of pop beats and powerful lyrics. 

       The song is full of energy from its start, with a strong riff and prominent rhythm supporting fantastic lyrics ("broken hearts on the city streets, but I can hear that you're calling me to be the hope, be the light, be the love right now") and urging the song forward but, when the chorus comes around with "you put my life in motion" and a beat so great that it becomes physically impossible to not move along with it, you should be hooked on the band's music.

       This track will leave you craving more from the band so check out their sites below for more music, get the album from




, and look for more from the band on the site soon. 

"Ready Set Go" Royal Tailor (featuring Capital Kings)