True North / by E

       More than anything else, this should make you smile; Zayne's vocals are so satisfyingly rich that they're impossible to brush off and, with such classic vocals immediately taking precedence over anything else, it's hard to even focus on the sweet lyrics that run throughout until after a few listens. 

       The composition fuses together pop-rock, solid soul influences, and just enough of an electronic undertone to give the track some extra life while adorable lines like "staying out late till the sun came up, chasing emptiness, always testing my luck, heard the stories of love but they were not for me until you struck me down, like lightening, on my knees" and the repetition of "you're my star, my true north lady, you take me so far, but with you I'm home" make it impossible to not fall for this song (and so easy to start playing it on repeat).

       Head to the sites to find out more about the artist, check out his debut EP,

Between Us

, and listen to "True North" below. 

"True North" Eric Zayne