Synesthesia / by E

       There is so much hip hop available right now and the majority of it has little meaning, but Campbell's music has depth and his tracks, filled with swelling compositions and articulate lyrics, speak so honestly that you know personal experiences shaped each of his songs, and the result, More Die of Heartbreak, is amazing. 
       The album's single, "Synesthesia", is fantastic and more than addictive. These lyrics are some of the best to come from this genre in some time with lines "it's us against us, not us against them", "slaves locked in chains of red, white, and blue", "this house is built of goodbyes and needles under swing-sets", and a chorus which ends with "how we learn color all depends on what we're taught, so we walk between the lines, stop and go with flashing lights, in a world full of color all we see is black and white" (really, each listen should reveal one more line that you can love). The articulate lyrics are wrapped up in prominent chords and a soft back beat that only grows stronger as the song progresses, giving the single a stunning simplicity which I cannot get over. 
       The video is just as fantastic, with a quote from C. Joybell C. (The Sun Is Snowing; her quoted words are amazing) leading in to a video that slowly fills the world around with color. Watch the video and listen to the gorgeous track below, get your copy of More Die of Heartbreak, then head to the websites to find out more about the artist. 
"Synesthesia" Chuckie Campbell
- E
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