Young Hearts / by E

Strange Talk's latest single, "Young Hearts", is really the most important song you're going to hear for a while. 

The track feels simultaneously fuller and lighter than the band's earlier work while the lyrics are completely amazing (not a single line is bad) and that melody will be stuck circling your head for days (and you'll be happy about it).

A chorus which states "grown ups, what do they know, living by the stories on the radio, bad news on the T.V., headlines are made of reality, we're young hearts, look at us go, all we really need is a stereo, we're young hearts look at us go, there's no stopping us we will carry on" is put together so articulately that it's impossible to not want to sing along and the chorus is only made better when the composition drifts into its vocal hook (a series of 'na, na, na's which are ridiculously addictive). 

Lines like "we wake up and we go to school, together breaking every rule, they say that we're just young and fools", "remember all the memories and every little fantasy, careless of our destiny", and every other line in this song are fantastic because they show that the band has actual talent and that they can create a song that could stand on its own, without its insanely catchy chorus, if need be (that's great because bands that don't need a catchy chorus to support their songs can create the most crave-able music).

Basically, every line is amazing, the composition is so far past perfect, and that beat is going to make you want to dance, so you might as well fall in love with the song now. Check out the sites below and get the song from iTunes now. 

"Young Hearts" Strange Talk