Fall Apart / by E

      Two brothers from California came out with an amazing song and you won't realize how addicted you are to their single until it's too late to do anything but listen to it on repeat.

       The sweet chords suck you in at the same time that the steady rhythm insists you move with the song and an adorable chorus ("this how books get written, this is why tales are told, and this is what we'll tell the children when we're old, c'mon take me home I've been waiting all my life for you, I could be alone if I thought I wasn't right for you, whatever comes along I'll be putting up a fight for you, c'mon take me home, yeah, let me fall apart with you") makes it so easy to want to sing along. 

       The track is not immediately addictive, but it grows on you, slowly, until you're sitting there humming it and trying to figure out where you first heard it and it won't stop circling in your mind until you've heard it again; save yourself the time spent trying to find it later by downloading the track (for free) by clicking on

this link

(or on the song title below) right now, then head to the sites below to support the band.


Fall Apart

" PawnShop Kings