Summertime / by E

With any hope, you're like me and finished your last final today and have a few weeks off from classes and are more than a little ready for summer to finally be here, and The Head and The Heart's release for their "Summertime" video could not be more perfect. 

The track features lead vocals, for the first time ever, from Charity Rose Thielen (violinist/back-up singer) and holds a sweet melody that carries you away and strays just far enough from the band's normal root rock sound that the track, fittingly so, feels like a vacation from the rest of the album. 

Even if you still have another week or so of classes to slough through before you finally get a taste of freedom, you can still check out the slightly trippy and completely sweet stop-motion animation video of a track that promises long days and warm nights to come. 

Grab "Summertime" from THATH's sophomore album, Let's Be Still, and catch the band on tour this summer. 

"Summertime" The Head and The Heart

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