Take It Slow / by E

With a sound reminiscent of 'classic' Tokyo Police Club and lyrics which bring to mind the often metaphorical and greatly articulate Radiohead, there's an inherent feeling of hominess to Tapioca and the Flea's track. Although the single sounds like a song which has been in your playlist for years, it maintains an undeniably fresh sound with its delicious blend of psych, indie rock, and electronic music which I can't get enough of.

Lyrics like "I don't know which way I wanna go, I'm running away now, I'll leave my heart on the ground", "do you think she'll really mind, if I need to take my time...do you think I even care?", and "well I don't know where I belong, my mother said it won't be long, but I don't know which way to go, she's moving fast, I'll take it slow" are unapologetically honest and combine with a swirling melody and prominent rhythm gorgeously; by the time the song hits its oh so sweet melody at 2:01, I'm already set to play it again.

Everything from that wandering keyboard and sturdy drums to those vocals which you can sink into and an unrelentingly solid guitar riff make the track completely addictive, so check out the video below, head to the websites, and buy the single from iTunes now. 

"Take It Slow" Tapioca and the Flea

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