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There has not been a monthly playlist in a while, mostly because I've been doing a shoddy job and stocking up on new music, but sharing none of it (because, you know, life) and spending more time cleaning up the new site than updating it so, as a pseudo, two-part apology, this is my personal playlist for the week and I have spent the last several days listening to previously recorded interviews so that I could finally transcribe these things I've been hoarding on my phone's call log for the past however many months. You can check out two newly posted interviews on that page now (and look for two more tonight) and listen to some awesome music from Stargroves, Little Earthquake, and Fairchild below. 

If you're interested in the music and music news you must know to stay 'relevant', make sure to buy Strange Talk's Cast Away and Semi Precious WeaponsAviation (because boy bands disguised as 'alternative' or 'edgy' are going to be all the rage), check out SomeKindaWonderful before your local radio station makes you hate the absolute perfection which is "Reverse", appreciate the fact that Ariana Grande is the youngest woman ever to debut a single with over 400,000 downloads because "Problem" has been the biggest single debut of the year (or so the email said and I just don't feel up to further sleuthing), and know that two members of One Direction filmed themselves smoking pot and people started to freak the fuck out but it was all very anticlimactic (I think.. probably.. may not have been as inconsequential to the lives of 1D fans who weren't distracted by Snowden's interview or Angelou's passing..).

"Beware the Dog" The Griswolds

"Rosary" Careless Sons

"Reverse" SomeKindaWonderful

"Waves" Sleeper Agent

"Paris" Magic Man

"Eris" Hyper Heart (free download)

"Hats in the Air" Stargroves

"Brightside" Little Earthquake

"The Revolution" For the Foxes

"My Body" Young the Giant

"Try" Hudson Taylor

"Be Brave" You Love Her Coz She's Dead (free download)

"Goodness Gracious" Ellie Goulding

"Burning Feet" Fairchild

"Westfjords" Stargroves featuring Abigail Breslin

"Tandem" Undiscovered Soul

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