Reverse / by E

SomeKindaWonderful's "Reverse" offers up a heavy dose of that reggae rock fusion that is coming (whether you like it or not) and lyrics which will lead you to like it because you believe the entire track can be flipped, in accordance with the song title (i.e. he was the cheated, not the cheater); hate the song because you think it glorifies cheaters; or love it for its simple, yet amazing, lyrical ingenuity. 

An opening verse that starts with "she hung up the phone and said 'fuck you, it's over'" and ends with "I started with darling please listen, and then I picked up the phone" is entrancing. It seems like a simple concept, having the entire track written in reverse (the last line of the song being the first line of the story), but the songwriting choice offers up a refreshing change of pace from most of these reggae rock songs that are coming out of the woodwork with dance along verses and easy to memorize choruses. 

The band's already established that they can write a catchy melody, the steady piano chords and added string track makes the single's composition impossible to not love, and the lyric's inverted style hints that there are better things to come from a band that can think through what they're trying to say, rather than sloppily jotting down lines that sound like the norm for a breakup song. 

Check out the track below for something you can easily become addicted to. 

"Reverse" SomeKindaWonderful