Geronimo / by E

Nothing is as addictive as the music coming from Australian six-piece Sheppard and their first US single, "Geronimo", will turn you into a fan in one listen.

A gorgeous alternative rock sound is met with just enough of a pop influence to keep the track upbeat and you dancing, with satisfyingly full lead vocals and sweet vocal harmonies thrown in throughout.

Articulate lyrics run throughout but an alluring bridge presents "well I'm just a boy, with a broken toy, all lost and coy, at the curtains of the waterfall / so it's here I stand, as a broken man, but I've found my friend, at the curtains of the waterfall / and you rush to me, and it sets us free, so I fall to my knees, at the curtains of the waterfall" with such assured optimism that normally plaintive lyrics are left feeling addictive and hearty; and the repetition of "say geronimo" (used as an endearing provocation) and the overlaying of "can you feel my love" with "bombs away" and "make this leap" are too adorable to ignore. 

The fun rhythm, sweet chord progressions, and melodies made to make you dance breathe summer vibes from their core and the band's knack for teasing out the good in anything turns the most hopeless of songs into ones that ring with inspiration and love.

Listen to alternate tracks "Let Me Down Easy", "Something's Missing", and song of the day, "Hold My Tongue" to fall in love with, yet another, Australian band. 

"Geronimo" Sheppard

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