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Rubblebucket's "Sound of Erasing" offers a refreshing change of pace from the rest of the recently released summer ready singles; an upbeat rhythm, winding melody, and actually eloquent lyrics manage to take an honest approach to real life without sounding too plaintive or exasperated.

The interesting melodic embellishments give the prominent rhythm a nice contrast to stand against and offer up a hypnotic feel to the track while steady horns pipe up intermittently and keep the track feeling full and grounded, even as the melody tries to float away. 

A persistently upbeat chorus delivers the sweetly assuring promise "I won't let you worry now, don't take me off this cloud, this is the sound of us erasing, this is the sound of a wave, take us away" with such aplomb that eloquent lyrics stating "I wish I was a planet, with a forest full of answers, but instead I'm just a human, freaking out out out" and "I thought you were a dancer, so fuck your inhibitions, here's a better answer, drown 'em out out out" are left feeling regretless.

The melody feels like it could slip into melancholia in the tracks introduction were it not for the steady rhythm, horns, and solid progressions to back it up and push it forward, but articulate lines that take an optimistic approach seem to lift the melody and transform it until the end of the track feels perfectly light and easy to play on repeat.

Listen to the alluring single from US 5-piece Rubblebucket below and head to the sites to find out more about the artists and their music.  

"Sound of Erasing" Rubblebucket

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