Streets / by E

The Occupants' "Streets" hits perfectly; with a double beat that contains both a relaxingly 'homey' feel and a waltz rhythm the track is so easy to move along to and an emotionally driven progression is amplified by the occasional vocal sample that fits snugly into a track that breathes of driving around in your car with the windows down. 

Alluring vocals suck you in with ease with superb lyrics "gonna pack my shit up, I'm gonna ride away, leave my worries behind and just slide away", "I've been looking too long through this window, always waiting around for tomorrow, I've been dreaming of streets that I don't know, just a killing some time and it feels so low", and the perfectly put "I don't feel like sitting round here anymore, I'm going outside, everything is right outside my door" running over hauntingly sweet riffs, a lulling rhythm, and an assuredly steady progression. 

The softly put chords and eloquent lyrics speak honestly alongside an undeniably catchy rhythm; listen to The Occupants' "Streets" below and head to the sites to hear more from the band. 

"Streets" The Occupants

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