Sunshine / by E

Fragile Creatures' "Sunshine" is the alternative pop piece you've been looking for all summer. 

Sweet chords catch a fun rhythm perfectly while a fun bass line offers up a riff as infectious as awesome lines "in the dark times we can make our own sunshine, just abandon all our crutches and tear off all our disguises, cause tomorrow can have a beautiful meaning, while you were away my dear I gave my heart to the world, she's in love with me, I am hers and she is mine".

You couldn't ask for a catchier guitar riff, sweeter trilling keys, or better control over these lines; even with so many things going on at once, the track manages to stay in solidly infectious order.

Satisfying vocals deliver articulate lyrics throughout before the sweet repetition of "there's a burning bright sun on the horizon, it's great to stay up late and watch the sun rising" drops off abruptly, creating a track as warm, addictive, and over all too soon as the title promises.

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"Sunshine" Fragile Creatures

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