Don't Worry About Me / by E

Rob Drabkin's "Don't Worry About Me" sounds like everything that is good and pure about the acoustic guitar came together to form a tragically gorgeous track.

Eloquently put lines "please don't worry about me, don't you worry no more, cause I can still breathe and I can still sing, I'm gonna just stand here on my own, just stand here alone" roll over sweet guitar chords while a string section (courtesy of the Colorado Symphony) gives the track an achingly vulnerable quality, chiming in at just the right time then leveling off every so often to give Drabkin's raw vocals and guitar work the spotlight. 

The track's stripped sound is invigoratingly fresh and the video's beach setting offers up a modest mirror for the stark beauty of a track whose soft sounds rolls over its listener with ease. 

Watch Drabkin's video for "Don't Worry About Me" below, head to the sites to hear more of his music, and get the track from iTunes now. 

"Don't Worry About Me" Rob Drabkin

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