Last Forever / by E

Fenech-Soler's "Last Forever" showcases the band's talent for making indelibly fantastic tracks filled with articulate lines, fun riffs, infectious melodies, and raw beats so enthusiastic that the energy is palpable.

Verses "leaving all our friends behind, we kidnapped each other's minds, oh my love / I could make you laugh, I could make you cry, and we would find patterns in the sky, above us" are adorable and the sweet "now that we're here, we feel so alive, we can make this last forever, we can waste time together" plays out perfectly over an alternative rock pop track which has been injected with just a touch of techno, making it undeniably addictive and completely impossible to sit still through. 

Get your copy of Rituals from iTunes now and watch the lyric video for "Last Forever" below.

"Last Forever" Fenech-Soler

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