Black Country / by E

A sturdy rhythm and haunting vocal hooks lead the way into the staying track before compellingly raw vocals come in with lines mature beyond the band member's years. The instrumentation takes you on a trip that feels like Alice falling down the rabbit hole when a playful guitar riff descends into the track as prominent drums rush to keep up and the bass remains stubbornly steady.

Pure vocals trot out lines "I don't want to drown in darkness, I suffocate in blackness right now", "I don't need a way to get away, a route to make my escape into the unknown, it's something that, something that I don't want", "only seventeen and all is gone, all you know has come to see the end" that ring cautiously and are amazingly articulate; falling perfectly onto a fully developed track stuffed with tight lines, smooth transitions, goosebump inducing vocal melodies, and just enough reverb to make the track feel downright homey.

The haunting rhythm jibes wonderfully with mellow vocals and wandering riffs in this second single from UK band Young Braves; check out the track below and head to the sites to support the band.

"Black Country" Young Braves

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