Mary Jane / by E

Summer ready single "Mary Jane" takes an addictive back beat and a rhythm so sweet it breathes warm summer air and infuses them both with fresh melodic beats and just the right amount of brass to set the track apart. 

Fun guitar hooks and the upbeat brass give the track its lighthearted feel while the even production gives a nice flow to impossibly addictive lines "wake up on a carpet, flying high above the sky, kidnapped but I love it" and "dirty mouth, sweet tongue, yeah, I like that, bright smile but beware she bites, eat you up then spit you out again, you know that tale, my hands, like fans, wanting more of that" while Iggy's honeyed vocals repeat "you can't stop me, yeah she's got me, twisted in the brain, she's my Mary Jane" until you can't help but sing along. 

A dreamy bridge feels like an alluring escape from the rest of the track before seamlessly dipping back into the prominent beats of its catchy refrain that will have you addicted to this track from Iggy & The German Kids in no time. 

Watch the video for Iggy & The German Kids' second single "Mary Jane" below and listen to their first single "So Hard" to hear this band's incredible range.

"Mary Jane" Iggy & The German Kids

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