Girls Night Out / by E

Multi instrumentalist group Gorgeous George offers up an impossibly fun mix of heavy drums, playful piano, and prominent trombone with their single "Girls Night Out".

Wistful and cautionary lines "I know that it's the weekend and you are out with all your friends, but try and have some self respect to make it back to your own bed" and "now you need to find more men to help you with your binge drinking, you're not even interested, you're slightly dehydrated" come out light and fun with the tongue in cheek lyrics weaving their way through fun guitar riffs, swirling bass lines, and a rhythm you'll be forced to move to.

Opting for an instrumental bridge that mimics the chorus, the track follows a simple descension into the song's steady slow-down and fade-out that is sure to leave its catchy melody circling your head all day.

Check out the single from South London's Gorgeous George below and get the track, and B-Side "Joop", from iTunes now. 

"Girls Night Out" Gorgeous George

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