I'll Be With You / by E

Latest single from Flora Cash's forthcoming album features a satisfyingly full composition as seamlessly smooth as the duo's addictive vocal harmonies. 

The recurring vocal hook plays sweetly with a light and steady piano line while a reassuringly full guitar and fun back beat gives the track its upbeat and lively feel which mixes intriguingly with Cole and Shpresa's back and forth "I recall you said to me that if it ends it's meant to be, but I don't like that attitude no more / I recall the things I said and that came out from in my head, not my heart" that is as honest as it is adorable. 

Add in a sweet chorus that states "lover, just remember, come whatever, I'll be with you" in perfect harmony while the track's dynamics surge and this may be the most addictive single released by Swedish/American duo Flora Cash.

"I'll Be With You" Flora Cash

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