Found My Way / by E

We Are Stations' "Found My Way" feels like everything you've ever loved about alternative rock came together to create the perfect single. 

Straying far from the pop driven riffs and bouncing drum rhythms of other summer releases, a heavy and persistent rhythm urges the fun keys, pure guitar riff, pulsing bass, and raw vocals forward while sweet lines "I was on the verge of letting go, before you came into my world and gave me hope to hold to, now I spend my days in disbelief, knowing you're the better half of me" mix easily with "and I found my way through the pouring rain, with the feeling that you gave me this feeling is what kept me alive, so don't you let this go tonight" which ring out like a declaration of hope and strength.

A confident guitar riff leads the way into a fun instrumental bridge while a beat made to make you dance and a remarkably addictive melody build to the undeniably emotional "don't you let this go, I won't let this go, just let me know that you won't let me go".

"Found My Way" is We Are Stations' first single and I can only imagine, and anxiously wait to hear, what other amazing tracks the band comes up with next. Head to the sites to find out a bit more about your new favorite up and coming alternative act and download the track for free now.

"Found My Way" We Are Stations

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