Carousel Ride / by E

Interesting lyrics and Traver's fun and lilting vocals are mirrored by the video for Rubblebucket's latest single, "Carousel Ride", which takes you on a crazy ride you won't want to end. 

Desperate lines "round and round and round I go, hoping for a miracle, I've got no place to run and hide, guess I'll take a spin on the carousel ride" are matched perfectly with the urgency of releasing the video's alien prisoner while a trippy melody falls in step with the risky plan of escape. 

It really all comes down to the uniquely addictive sound of Traver's full vocals; there's something about them that can keep any song interesting, but add in the band's rambunctious rhythms, twisted synth, sweet piano melody, inarguably fun brass, and flat out infectious harmonies and it's near impossible to not fall for Rubblebucket's sound.

Watch the new music video for single "Carousel Ride", pre-order their forthcoming Carousel Ride EP (available August 11th for UK listeners) and third full-length Survival Sounds (available August 25th for US listeners), and head to the sites to hear more from this talented band.  

"Carousel Ride" Rubblebucket

The acoustic video shows the band's indelible talent and there's something to be said about a band that sounds just as great recorded in studio as live; it's absolutely fantastic, the video should convince you to fall for the band's music, and Traver's dancing to the song is all of us dancing to the song while sitting at our computers.

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