Burning Feet / by E

A fun melody and dance-worthy rhythm make the track, but the entertaining music video which pokes fun at the ridiculous ways in which women are portrayed in pop culture makes it impossible to not love this track from Australian indie rockers FAIRCHILD. 

The addictive melody is infectious and great lines "we're miles apart and way too young to grow up" and "this crooked frame has got me thinking of your big heart and how it's sinking" which are sprinkled throughout the track give it a refreshing feel of thoughtfulness while still keeping it light. 

Pure vocals with impressive depth play into a smooth and full instrumentation that manages to sound both lighthearted and sturdy while the role reversal inspired music video makes the track just as fun to watch as it is to listen to.

Check out "Burning Feet" now then grab FAIRCHILD's Burning Feet EP from iTunes for this and other great tracks you'll be tempted to play on repeat.

"Burning Feet" FAIRCHILD

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