Miles Away / by E

Edens March's "Miles Away" features drums that feel refreshing and energizing, fun bass lines, and great guitar work guaranteed to make you a fan of the band's music. 

Unabashedly honest lyrics "I'm done with fighting and I won't be hiding, you can say what you want to, just go ahead and take what you need, now that you're leaving I'm not sorry believe me, forgotten sooner or later, what's to come could be greater" lend an authenticity to the track that's hard to ignore while the frantic keys keep the track's emotions as strong as those of the gorgeously raw vocals which continually insist "when you come around I could be miles away, I hope you realize before it's far too late".

Listen to "Miles Away" and head to the sites to find out more about the fresh alternative rock Edens March so effortlessly creates. 

"Miles Away" Edens March

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