Apocalypse / by E

There's something therapeutic about the deep lines, full chords, and straightforward lyrics that appear in every one of Sleeperstar's tracks, but latest single, "Apocalypse", kicks it up a notch with impossibly catchy riffs, urgent vocal hooks, and a pulsing rhythm. 

Emotional lines latch on with "before the voices drown you to sleep, best you remember, who you gonna be when it crashes", "where do you turn when there's no one to trust, we are the factors stacked up against us", and a chorus you can't help but sing along to before a poignant beat and soft riff allow the track to descend into a bridge that will have you playing this on repeat. 

The track hits and it stays; grab Sleeperstar's single from iTunes now and look for Lost Machines to be released soon.

"Apocalypse" Sleeperstar

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