Brando / by E

Only months after the release of Aviation, Semi Precious Weapons unveil their new single "Brando" along with plans to release their second album of 2014.

Feeling like it's headed in a different direction than the pop/rock sound so prevalent on Aviation, "Brando" feels grounded. A gritty production leaves little room to breathe while a light underlying rhythm and simple synth line jibe gorgeously with an hypnotizingly raspy bass and clean guitar riffs, all tied together by Tranter's uniquely enchanting vocals. 

The heavy melody and solid rhythm are as emotionally charged as eloquent verses "tango with me, in Parisian streets, Italian shoes don't miss a beat, tango with me until you believe, I'm in love with Brando" and nothing will get you addicted to a track quicker than the sweet repetition of "face to face, feather to stone, face to face, together we're home" intermixed with remarkably fun riffs.

Says lead singer Tranter of the band's decision to release a second full length album in 2014, "we have songs that we love, songs that we just wrote, and we don't want to wait to share them. Both sonically and emotionally, this is who we are right now. We are fortunate to be at a label that is cool enough to support us putting this out right now. The rules of an 'album cycle' as set by the record industry don't work for people who really love music anymore, so why follow them." 

Check out the single below, grab it on iTunes, and head to the sites to hear so much more great music.

"Brando" Semi Precious Weapons

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