Cheap Seats / by E

Projekt Rehab's "Cheap Seats" off their forthcoming EP, Weekend Warrior, is remarkably eerie, in the best way, with a stubbornly steady track offering up a feeling of disconnectedness mirrored by lines "our knees will buckle with this one, put you in place, stay in line, this clip makes me everlasting, guardian angel arrives" and a refrain that will be running around your head all day. 

The beat trails behind abrasively honest lyrics while a haunting melody sets the pace for a track laced with a pleasantly mature sound that just feels right for a band who has never been afraid of honest lyrics and full synth. 

Listen to the latest single from Projekt Rehab below and get Weekend Warrior when it drops September 16th. 

"Cheap Seats" Projekt Rehab

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