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  • The Griswolds debut album, Be Impressive, continues to live up to its name by climbing the charts since it's August 25th release, because it doesn't get much better than scream singing "you're fucking crazy" and the moment that chorus hits in "16 years". Put aside the fact that this is a debut album, stop holding them to that lower standard which expects and accepts the mistakes of a newbie, and this album still stands tall. Check the band out on tour because nothing is more satisfying after the summer festival season than realizing that Whitehall actually can hit all of those high notes.
  • If you haven't heard Smashing Satellites' "Hounds" check it out because the track's catchy as hell and sure to be all over your radio. Extra points for a cool set, nice hair, awesome pants, and simple piano chords that just sound so fucking good with that heavy beat. Get the single from iTunes now and look for A-Side (SonicAluzion) to be released September 30th.
  • The Honeyrunners' Ep 2 has got to be one of the best rounded EPs released this year; their rich lines fall in with the honest lyrics so well that it keeps the dark feeling light and the brutal feeling pure. It's far too addictive to be this overlooked so listen now for something that's perfect for Autumn nights. 
  • Dawin's Just Girly Things EP is available now, featuring its smash hit title track. With such inspirational lyrics as "live it up, don't let nobody bring you down, cause one day, somebody will bring you a crown" and "just do your girly thing" set to a rave-esque beat it's a wonder it's not the power anthem for strong women everywhere. Available on iTunes now
  • The first listen of Projekt Rehab's Weekend Warrior EP leaves you with the overall feeling of "that was nice", but by the time you've reached your third listen you realize that this is the direction they were headed for from the beginning and the sound is just so natural for the duo's honest lyrics and synthesized beats that it's one of the most satisfying EPs released this month; listen to lead single "Cheap Seats" and get the EP September 16th.
  • Ariana Grande's new album is everything you would expect. Catch Grande as SNL's musical guest on the 40th season premiere, airing September 27th, with host Chris Pratt, as she performs tracks from her chart-topping sophomore album, My Everything, out now. 
  • Watsky's All You Can Do continues to be on fucking point with flawless lines, sweet choruses, and emotionally charged productions you sink into. "Grass Is Greener" is sweetly understated; "Cannonball" is honest to a fault; "Tears To Diamonds" has the unbelievably perfect "there's something inside her...but the sadness it tends to latch on and it won't let go like a pitbull" and "maybe it's a problem when you got a problem and you get addicted to the cure"; "Sarajevo" points out the clear overlaps between religion, war, and politics while Dia Frampton's gorgeous vocals beg for love over all and for us to learn from history's tragedies; "Right Now" is a catchy as fuck cry to live in the moment; "Whoa Whoa Whoa" raucously insists on being taken seriously; and "The One" is the humor every one of us has had to adopt whilst trying to see past the sea of neon tanks and frat visors on a Friday night.
  • The Janoskians' "That's What She Said" is not as awful as I had expected it to be; get it from iTunes now.
  • Girlpool's "Jane" drips with a sweet "I don't give a fuck" attitude that feels like everything that first made you love garage rock and offers up a simple story with a sultry rhythm for the feminist in you. Check it out now for a track you won't realize you're addicted to until you start craving that bass.
  • Lucian's remix of "Wall to Wall" manages to make a Chris Brown track listenable by spicing it up with full beats and pulsing lines that make it so hard to listen to just once. 
  • The rough lines and deep beats of Transience's "Endless Change" hit heavy enough to make you smile with a sound that has to be played at full volume. 
  • Stuart Newman's "One Big F" is ridiculously addictive with a sweet mix of genres and a heavy dose of '90's alt-rock in its prime. That guitar will make you fall for this track in the first ten seconds so listen now and head to Newman's site to download the single for free in exchange for your email address (otherwise, you'll be stuck buying it from iTunes on the 16th).
  • Michael Schulte's The Arising, due out October 3rd, feels like a mix of Ed Sheeran and The Script with the clean lines of Germany's sweet take on indie; gorgeous piano riffs and full chords lend a pure sound to the album that makes it an alluringly perfect soundtrack for a Fall night so check out tracks on Schulte's SoundCloud and pre-order the album from iTunes now.
  • YLHCSD continues to premiere previews of forthcoming new singles and, if you need a reason to get excited for new tracks, just set "Let Me Break" as the first track in your workout playlist and listen to "Be Brave" at 3 AM on your next road-trip (or really any time at all because there's just nothing better in its genre). Fall in love with their previous tracks and look for "Crystal Death" (and B-side "Goddess", both featuring Mia Mort) to be released soon or pre-order a vinyl now
  • There's a new video out for Echosmith's "Cool Kids" and it perfectly captures the laid-back and unpretentious attitude they have that makes them one of the top ten new bands you need to see live this year. The band is legitimately nice, they never fail to sound amazing on stage, and their debut album switches between bittersweet tracks and sun-soaked anthems with such ease that it's entirely transfixing. Haven't heard Talking Dreams yet? Get the album from iTunes now and listen to "Up To You", "Come Together", "Tell Her You Love Her" and, of course, the unfailingly addictive "Cool Kids".
  • WALK THE MOON released new single "Shut Up and Dance" and, if "Anna Sun" has been everything sun-filled and carefree that screams Summer, "Shut Up and Dance" is its cool and refreshing counterpart for Fall; get it from iTunes, turn your volume all the way up, and see these guys on tour this Fall.  
  • Fall Out Boy released "Centuries" and you should just be playing that on repeat. For a while. Get it from iTunes now. 

"Cool Kids" Echosmith

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