LA Devotee / by E

The fourth song from forthcoming album Death Of A Bachelor (out January 15th via DCD2/Fueled By Ramen), "LA Devotee" has a sweet vintage baroque-pop feel akin to the band's third album and a cool, hip sheen, courtesy of the carefully placed trumpets giving it all the energy and promise that'll have you dancing desperately and falling in love. Urie's irrefutably gorgeous vocals take center stage with that simple, unaltered purity that first made you a fan and if you close your eyes you can just see this taking shape live. 

Pre-order the album if you haven't already and receive instant downloads of "LA Devotee", current single "Victorious", and tracks "Emperor's New Clothes" and "Hallelujah" then look for the tour date closest to you, because the entrancingly passionate show Urie puts on places Panic! in the top ten bands you have to see perform live.

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