Burnt Rice / by E

Shawn Wasabi is excited to announce the release of his new video and single Burnt Rice, a collaboration with new LA based production crew YDG and vocalist YUNG GEMMY. Burnt Rice is the highly anticipated follow up to Wasabi’s monster viral hit Marble Soda, which to date has amassed over 10 million views combined on Youtube and Facebook. Both songs and videos are performed on a custom made one-of-a-kind Midi Fighter 64 by DJ TechTools.

Shawn explains, "Burnt Rice is an incredibly special work between me and my LA friends who recently began a new musical project called YDG. I visited their studio space, and we played around with a melody concept while eating Lunchables. Later this year, my internet friend Gemel (YUNG GEMMY) sent me some vocal lines over Twitter DM. I vibed so well with the style and lyrical content!"

Shawn Wasabi will be performing Burnt Rice and Marble Soda at his first headline show at The Echo on Thursday 17th December 2015, supported by Hex Cougar, tdoyle and OmniBoi. Tickets available at bit.ly/wasabiparty

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