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The holidays are in full swing so I guess that means it's time for some 'best of 2015'/'yearly wrap-up' type posts.

Before we delve into that, I want to give a shout out to the people who have kept the site running smoothly and especially thank all the long-time readers who stuck with us and sent just great messages during our not-so-brief review hiatus. Long-time readers know about my struggles with anorexia and all of the super fun stuff that came with it and it's so very cool that I can step back and take the time to start towards a recovery that will actually stick, and come back to find you guys are just as supportive and eager for good music from cool artists as ever. The artists we feature can be pretty neat people, but you awesome amazing readers make it worth all the work.

On that note, we're doing things a bit differently this year because you deserve better than a thoughtless, contrived list that was jotted down in five minutes. Of course, such classics as 'best album' will still be weakly tackled in a hopefully less tired attempt than expected, but we're mostly going to be putting forth awkward and lame and just really fucking stupid lists because it's more fun that way (and the best music lies somewhere in the realm of 'weird').

So, if you think you know of a band/singer/video/album/single/neighbor/interesting person who fits any of the below lists, if you've got your own list idea you'd like to share, or especially if you've got pictures of your pets dressed in holiday garb, e-mail us at themusicrag@gmail.com and we'll check it out. Not all lists will make the cut so be sure to tell us which you're most interested in.

We'll also be resurrecting our 3 separate Christmas playlist options again this year (awesome stuff, classic stuff, and the stuff for heartless Scrooges, in layman's terms), after opting out last year, so look for those to come in an assuredly procrastinated fashion on the 23rd. And, as always, January 1st's Song of the Day will again be Bombadil's "Smile When You Kiss", because there's no better way to start the new year.

Below are the lists you'll see soon and our favorite and most relatable dance video of the year (with just awesome lyrics and a blare-worthy, desperate, dance your heart out build; honestly, we just love The Amazons).

  • Top Albums of 2015
  • Top Singles
  • Dance Like A Freak Videos
  • Singles That Made Us Feel Infinite ('Perks' Reference Intended)
  • Albums All The 'Cool Kids' Had (Most Likely On Vinyl or Cassette)
  • Tracks That Made Us Stop
  • Best For Car Singing/Roadtrips
  • Flawless Full Lengths
  • Singles That Softly Screamed Love
  • Albums That Spoke To Our Souls
  • What We Ruined With Too Many Listens (But Will Continue Playing Anyways) 
  • Why We Love Sweden
  • But Still Can't Get Enough of Australia
  • Nitty Gritty & Fuckin' Good
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