But Still Can't Get Enough of Australia / by E

Warring against our great love of so many more Swedish acts than we could list is our ever present appreciation for those Australian tracks that just reek of beach-y productions we'll never grow tired of. Also, keep in mind that most all of these are available for free download on Triple j.

Vallee's "Cuba" has been on repeat here for a bit, but their latest track, "Jungle", is what we'd love to draw attention to. Fun, irrepressible beats and a certain liveliness has kept the track at the forefront of our minds, and made it one that we think really should be on yours.


Citizen of the World could release a twenty second film clip and we'd be able to rant about it for two days. Another we wouldn't dream of writing about too much, lest we take from their greatness, "Setting Out" and "How Far We've Come" are tracks you should add to your repertoire.


CuzN's bar sing-along of a single "Ordinary People" is just so easy to fall for, so give it a listen and be sure to follow up on his music in the new year for more self aware lyrics and catching melodies you don't want to miss; that chorus is something to hear.


REMI's "Ode To Ignorance" is pretty fucking great, and that's all you need to know. Listen to the track and look for more from REMI in 2016.


Lime Cordiale, much like Citizen of the World, will always be one of our favorites, but there's no denying that "Not That Easy" would be good even if you weren't predetermined to love everything they put out. Sweet and fun, it's made for lots of listens and maybe even a car trip or two. That chorus is just too much to pass over and that low cost video makes it that much easier to fall for.


Problems hypnotic, dreamy sound with touches of psyhedelic electronic has been ahead of its time for years, and it all comes together on their latest single "Pretending" to create something truly unique you'll be happy to have experienced. Smooth and tranquil but still hitting in its lyrics, "Pretending" is just the start of more to come from Problems in 2016.


With a youthful energy and sound that would be at home in a packed club, Youth Allowance sounds like the opening band of your dreams, but we've no doubt they're going to define their sound over the next year to come up with a headline act. Take a listen to "Hang On Tight" for a taste of their addictive style.


With catchy melodies and measured beats against vocals that feel like that of a classic rocker, The Outdoor Type's interesting mix of sounds comes together to create something we've never been able to define, but are so glad we got the chance to hear.


We would be remiss if we didn't mention Patrick James on this list. Those melodies, that voice, why we haven't been granted a US tour yet, we may never know, but we are anxiously and impatiently waiting for our chance to hear such beautifully put lyrics and desperate undertones live, because there's no better way to judge if James really is as great as this single leads us to believe.