Why We Love Sweden / by E

A short and compiled list of a few of our favorite Swedish acts of the year.

Ms. Henrik's "1994" sounds innocent enough at first, but breaking lyrics and unforgiving lines that build to these blatant truths will stick with you long after you're done listening, and have you reaching out for more music.


There may not be a prettier track than Mavrick's "Remedy". The stark, black and white video keeps the focus on the lyrics and lulling piano riffs that have already pulled in so many lucky listeners, but a good lyrical focus and careful lead-ins raise this above any other pure pop track. Listen to his acoustic Soundtrade Session for something that will have you proclaiming Mavrick as, possibly, the best new Swedish act of the year.


Leo Skywell's "Leisure/Desperation" is a dreamy-nearing-psychedelic techno track that swirls and builds and unwinds in dizzying ease. We don't have much to say on the track, because we'd rather let you form your own opinion on an even track we just wouldn't be able to stand taking anything away from.


Not the first, and neither the last, time that Sameblod has been featured on this site, we're glad to add their hypnotic mix of electropop to this list. While most electronic tracks skip the lyrics in lieu of a hitting chorus, Sameblod insists on keeping the verses as worthy of play as the sweet sing-along choruses they so easily put out, and we can't wait to hear more from them in 2016.


As far as debut singles go, MIRA's "Ghost" is utterly impressive. Its even approach and unnerving tones come together in a dreamy twist that feels so human in all its obscure influences. Listen, form your own opinion, and download it for free while you still can.


Patrik Jakubowski releases the starkest love song of the year, for the ocean. The simply shot video shows the love and dedication it takes to surf on Gotland, Sweden and the song unwinds with a simple, aching purity you've got to hear to understand.


Club 8's enticingly dark "Skin" is a whispering of hazy memories and dark clubs and sweaty dances and nearly remembered moments from one night, shoved into a song sure to have you taking a better listen.


Young and fun, we've not spent too much time with Factory Brains, but we know they're one we really want to hear more from in 2016; check out "Modern Day".


Perhaps the most hitting single we got in this year, Violet Days' "Screaming Colors" is undeniable greatness, wrapped up in four short minutes you'll be left playing over and over. As stated previously, the song comes off like coming out on the other side of depression, a bit like falling down the rabbit hole into something much more brilliant and full of honest life than the statuesque pretenses that lived before it. Cathartic, catchy, developed, honest; what's not to love?