Tracks That Made Us Stop / by E

Singles that made us sit up and pay attention for more than one listen, because beyond the catchy melodies lay music with real emotion and articulate lyrics with meaning; a track that was capable of knocking you out just to put you right again. Because talking about such great tracks tends to take more than it gives, we're offering just a click through list of a handful of the best that we think you should hear at least once more before really diving into 2016.

Mieke - Sleeping Alone

Austin Plaine - Never Come Back Again

Banners - Shine A Light

Terribly Yours - Answered Prayers

Air Waves - Fantasy

Aaron Krause - Jade

Nadia Nair - Hardships

Fleurie - Sirens

Oh, Be Clever - River

Lucy Whittaker - Change Your Mind

Kimberly Anne - Show Me Love

Luka Lesson - Bones

Young Empires - The Gates

Flight of Ryan - You Are Mine

Meredith - Levels

Fred Page - Magnetically

Vindata - Own Life (ft. Anderson Paak.)

Son Little - Lay Down

Just Millie - Not OK

White Sea - Stay Young, Get Stoned

Nina Schofield - Come Down

Running Young - Did You See

Tall Heights - Spirit Cold

Common Tongues - New Moon

Vandaveer - But Enough On That For Now

Owen Rabbit - Denny's

EZA - We Keep The Lights Out

Violet Days - Screaming Colors