End of Year Announcements, Pt. II / by E

Two announcements in one month!? It's almost like we're back on my personal blog (still not 100% certain how that transitioned to an actual music site, but let's keep going with this strange, awesome flow)! Here's one last personal note to you guys this year, just for being your beautiful selves in 2015. 

I could not be more excited to share with you everything we have coming in 2016; with our album review and artist feature pages premiering in January, we're excited to continue bringing you even more ways to fall for your music in the new year. Honestly, I get butterflies just thinking about all the new stuff we have in the works (though that could be the caffeine and lack of sleep; not a real reliable measure).

Again and always, I want to pointedly thank all long-time readers for sticking with the site during our near four month slow down and three month hiatus. Getting over the mental and physical complications brought on by a decade of anorexia really sucked, but getting messages that you guys were still here waiting and knowing that there are awesome people who care enough about our site to keep it running, even during a relapse that fantastic, is just so much cooler than words can ever capture; I am super into you people. 

In 2016, I promise you more truly awesome artists, loads of music, some fun new ideas, and an ever present and always active effort to stay true to our 'Good Music, Better Artists' tagline; I would just hate if we knowingly let you fall for the music of an absolute ass of a person.

Below you will find a (relatively.. it is a year's worth) short list of some of my personal favorites from 2015 (only the ones we got in to the site, to hopefully make it a bit less overwhelming and give them a chance at equal views). Everything from beach-soaked Australian productions to jaunty English riffs to smooth, trance-like European mixes and back to sweet West coast beats, cool East coast polishes, and just perfect Canadian rock. 

So, be kind, be happy, and be super fucking excited that you've made it through one more year, I am so happy you're still here.

And, a quick heads up that our first two preview album reviews of 2016 will be those of Vandaveer's and The Gills' forthcoming albums, because Vandaveer keeps it so damn pretty it's hypnotic and The Gills' is far too fun to miss; if "Aria" and "Lemonade" don't get your attention, "La Di Da" and "Gimme" will knock you the fuck out (seriously, it's something akin to The Strokes and The Shins had a lovechild that grew up listening to Franz Ferdinand and post-2010 Phoenix but with a dash of something that can't be defined that just really guarantees them as ones to know).