Ghost In The Wind / by E

Birdy's "Ghost In The Wind" off The Edge of Seventeen Official Soundtrack captures all the fear of being hopelessly lost with those gentle bursts of energy to find yourself that marked our teenage years, done with such aplomb that it holds an almost timeless feel.

Her always ethereal vocals string along poetic lyrics in hypnotic accordance with the hauntingly gorgeous music, with a final beautiful swell and earnest push that leaves hope laying just at its fringes in a cinematic echo in a way that only Birdy's potent vocals could carry with such confidence and ease before the track finds itself lost and wandering once again.

On the film, Birdy explains: "I really loved this movie, and could relate to Nadine’s struggles as an awkward teenager finding her way. My Song “Ghost in the Wind” is about a cry for help and forgiveness when Nadine realises she’s pushed away all the people who care about her and lost herself in the process".

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